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As an elementary child, every semester I would order 4-6 paperback books from the school's book club.  The moment they arrived I would tear into them and would read the first and last chapter of each book.  That would determine which book I would completely read first.  That system didn't work to well for me in college.  But there is something about the first and last chapter of a book.  The same is true of the Bible.

Normally things that have a beginning have an end.  This is also true of the story we're about to embark on.  What God began in Genesis 1 with the creations of the heavens and earth will end once we get to Revelation 21.  What we know of creation will be destroyed and God starts another story with a new heaven and a new earth.  But in between the beginning and the end is this incredible long story of redemption.  And the subject and focus of this story is God Himself.  From start to finish, His power and goodness are on display so that we are  captivated by who He is.  From start to finish...by HIS grace for HIS glory!  Come join us each Sunday morning as we take this year long journey through the books of Genesis and Revelation.

By His Grace for His Glory! Genesis & Revelation

Aug. 2, 20l5 Message
The New Heavens and New Earth:  Part 1  Rev. 20:1-8

"By HIS Grace for HIS Glory!" Series


Prayer Time:  9:50-10:05 AM
Fellowship Time:  10:10 AM
Service starts - 10:30 AM

(Nursery & Children's Ministry Provided)


Lifehouse Community Church
   Summer 2015 Schedule

We will Grow!
Defining Difference Community Group: Brief Description:  This video/discussion group is based on the book, Redemptive Compassion.  This Biblical call to holistic help will challenge us to discern what the real needs of people are and how to help free people from need rather than imprison them in need.  The book is free!  You just need to sign up on the Community Group clipboard by June 10. Several churches in the Oskaloosa area are hosting these groups.

Schedule:  Wednesday from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

June 10:  Howe’s @ 151 New Preston Dr.
June 24:  McLellan’s @ 305 O Ave E.

July 8:  Howe’s @ 151 New Preston Dr.
July 22:  VanWyk’s @ 838 High Ave. E
Aug. 5: Mary Ann’s @ 707 N 11th
Aug. 19: Falconer's @ 2162-275th st

We will Fellowship & Pray!

Saturday Night Praise Nights:  6:30 p.m.
Potluck picnic supper (meat provided), Family Activities, Campfire Sharing, Praise, & Prayer 

June 6: Howe’s @ 151 New Preston Dr. (Volleyball)
July 11: Steve & Leslie Rice’s @ 1421 River Rd. (Canoeing/Fishing)

Aug. 8:  Falconer's @ 2162-275th St

We will serve!
May 14:  Spring Service Projects    8:00 a.m.-Noon
July 25:  8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Teen Challenge in Colfax





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