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I used to have a file labeled "Letters from Dad" which included a small collection of hand-written letters from my dad to me my first year at college.  The return address said RR. 3, Charles City, IA and the sending address was 820 N. LaSalle, Chicago, Il.  What a drastic change for an insecure young farm boy!  Only two years earlier my mom had suddenly passed away.  Now I was experiencing so much change, loneliness, and even anger.  I eagerly looked for those letters from home and cherished every word written by my dad.  I can't remember everything said in those letters.  But I definitley remember feeling loved, empowered, believed in, and protected.  Those letters expressed confidence in me that I could make it, even when I didn't really believe this myself.  They also usually expressed a warning, "Be careful in the big city!  Make sure you do this... And don't do that....  Keep your eyes open!"

The apostle John, now in his 90's, and the last of Jesus' disciples still alive, writes three letters to his spiritual children in the same "protective" tone my dad wrote his letters to me. These second and third generation Christians were becoming complacent and indifferent.  Some were beginning to return to their old lifestyles.  Some were doubting and questioning the truths of the Gospel due to the influnce of false teachers invading the church.  Some were even questioning their salvation.  So John writes them these personal letters to encourage them to hold fast and be faithful to the truth of Scripture and to Christ.  He expresses confidence in them at a time when they had little in themselves.  He challenges them to be faithful in living out Christ in a culture that was becoming increasingly hostile to Christ-followers. These inspired words are as relevant today for us as they were to those first readers.

We hope you can join us each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. as we journey through the books of 1-3 John this Fall in a series we are calling "Letters from Dad".

1-3 John

Oct. 11, 20l5 Message
What Matters Most!  1 Jn. 2:7-11

"Letters from Dad" Series of 1-2-3 John

Prayer Time:  9:50-10:05 AM
Fellowship Time:  10:10 AM
Service starts - 10:30 AM

(Nursery & Children's Ministry Provided)

Community Groups
Note the schedule below for the Community Groups this week on Sunday and Wed.

Fall Family Fun Night
Oct. 10th beginning at 4:00 at the VanDonsellar farm in rural Oskaloosa.  Activities include:  fishing, campfire roast, hayride and lots of fun!  Hotdogs & drinks will be provided.  Please bring other dishes to share.

Ladies Growth/Fellowship Group
The ladies will be meeting every other Wed. night at 6:30 p.m. at Jayne Almon's home (1509 7th Ave E.).  Feel free to bring visitors and plan to share in a relaxed setting as we spend time praying, sharing and having some fun getting to know each other better.  Click the "Calendar" icon above to learn what Wednesdays.

Fall Barn Dance
Nov. 14 P.M. at Stillwater Cabin 
More info. coming!


For growth in your relationship with Jesus, it is biblical and necessary to have intentional relationships with people in your church family – and a community group is the ideal place for that.  These groups consist of up to 16 adults who meet seven times, twice monthly, to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships.  You’ll be encouraged to live out the truths you discover in the Bible, pray, eat, laugh, and just enjoy one another.  You don’t have to know the Bible well, be able to pray out loud, or reveal the deepest darkest secret of your soul.  You just have to come, be yourself, and get connected to a group of fellow strugglers.  Check with your host in advance if you plan to bring your kids so child care is arranged.  Our Fall 2015 groups begin the week of Sept. 20.  Sign up on one of the “Community Group” clipboards.  The groups are limited to sixteen.

Schedule:  The week of Sept. 20; Oct. 4, 18; Nov. 1, 15, 29; Dec. 13

“Prepare:  Living Your Faith in an Increasingly Hostile Cutlure” by J. Paul Nyquist  (Book discussion group - $11 for book per couple)
  Day & Time:  Sundays at 1:30 p.m.
  Facilitators:  Steve & Debbie Howe  
  Hosts:  Paula & Pablo Falconer at 2162 275th St.

“Soul Detox:  Clean Living in a Contaminated World” by Craig Groeschel      (Book/Video group - $9 for book per couple)
  Day & Time:  Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
  Facilitators:  Randy and Sharon Horn 
  Host:  Deb Fash at 418 College Ave.

“Believe:  Becoming a New Person in Christ”   (Discipleship/Video discussion group)

  Day & Time:  Sundays at 5:30 p.m.
  Facilitators:  Keith & Michele VanDonselaar
  Hosts:  Keith & Michele VanDonselaar at 1897 245thSt.




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