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Fall 2020 LCC Message Series

If you have ever renovated your house, you know it’s no easy task.  And it seems like it never goes exactly like you had planned or as quick as you would like.  The same is so true of our personal lives.  Christ-followers are in the constant state of renovation (what theologians call progressive sanctification).  Christ began this massive renovation of our broken hearts on the Cross.  As we allow His Spirit to work in us, each day we are being renovated to look more and more like Jesus.  We long deep down in our hearts to be completely restored to our Creator and ache with unfinished hope.  But that day is surely coming when our lives will be completely renovated and whole (what theologians call glorification).  But until then we have the Holy Spirit to daily help us rebuild, resist, and revive.  We’ll see this same struggle lived out by God’s covenant people, Israel, in the O.T. books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.  We’ll see how God uses exile (His discipline) as part of the renovation process.  We’ll see the broken and sinful heart of a nation lost in idolatry slowly come back to God’s heart.  We’ll see the heart of reformers God uses in this renovation and be challenged to be His reformers in our culture.  But we’ll also see unfinished hope and a promise of future complete renovation.

Come and join us each Sunday at 10:30 a.m. this Fall as we explore and apply the lessons of these ancient biblical books and experience history coming to life!


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