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We continue our journey of God’s story this semester by studying 1 & 2 Kings.  Originally one book, the Kings tell the ongoing story of God’s chosen people under the leadership of several kings, some good and some “not so good”.  As we begin this story, Israel is enjoying its Camelot: unity, peace, expansion of territory, the building of Solomon’s Temple, great material blessing, and high rapport among the other nations and leaders.  But we will find out that the greatest danger of Israel did not happen during times of trial, but times of blessing and prosperity.  They lost their mission and distinctiveness and became independent, mixing and compromising with the cultures around them.  They adopted the ungodly practices, customs, and materialism of the surrounding cultures.  Even though God rises up godly prophets to warn them of this, they simply ignored these warnings.  Sound familiar?  This is a story of what happens when a culture, nation, or individual goes south and forgets God.  Yet amidst this downward spiral, you will be motivated and inspired by a few faithful and godly men and women who stand strong in their commitment to God and His purposes.  We would love to have you come join us each Sunday morning at 10:30 as we journey through the Kings.

Feb. 17, 2019
Drama-Mass Decapitations-Revival!   2 Kings 9-12
Kings Series:  The Rise & Fall of Kings & Kingdoms

Pastor Steve Howe

 Prayer Time:  9:50-10:05 AM
Fellowship Time:  10:10 AM
Service starts - 10:30 AM

(Nursery & Children's Ministry Provided)

Winter '19 Community Groups
You will want to check out the new Community Group schedule under "Ministries".  The groups are filling up fast, so get your name on the list ASAP.  The weeks begin this week and will meet every other week seven times.  We hope you will get connected in a small group.

Prayer Gathering
LCC leaders have established Wed. nights as our Prayer Gathering (PG) for the purpose of coming together in community to seek His face and pray.  It is from 5:00-6:30 p.m. each Wed. and include times for private/family prayer, worship, corporate prayer, and small group prayer.  You can come when you are able and leave quietly as you need to.  Place prayer requests and praises in offering boxes or send to debfash@hotmailcom so they can be placed on a Prayer Sheet.






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