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2022 Lifehouse Community Church Message Series


The book of Hebrews is one of the most neglected books in the New Testament and yet one of the most Christ-centered books in the Bible.  All of the Old Testament points to Christ, who is exalted in this book as “better” than anything or anyone we may be tempted to exalt or worship.  His way is always better.  No other book focuses more on the total sufficiency of Christ.  

The book of Hebrews presents several warnings to any of us who may be lured back into our old ways of living seeking to find love, purpose, and meaning in life apart from Jesus.  How many “professing Christians” do you know who maybe sat next to you for years in church, but now have forsaken the faith and lapsed back into their “old ways?”  This study will encourage us to examine the genuineness of our salvation and will motivate us to grow in maturity; staying the course.
We hope you are able to join us each Sunday morning at 10:30 as Pastor Steve & Pastor Scoggan unpack the timeless principles from Hebrews.