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Acts 29... We are the Next Steps!

Next Steps for Lifehouse Community Church

· Develop an active local & global outreach team under Brian Peeler’s leadership

· Develop better communication and relationships with current local & global missionaries

· Communicate regularly with our church family about supported missionaries; praises and needs

· Study the possibilities of supporting more missionaries that fit the DNA & mission of LCC (esp. looking at the 10/40 window)

· Begin supporting long term four native missionaries in the 10/40 window under Gospel for Asia (more info. about these native missionaries coming)

· Provide a one-time gift: For audio Bibles in an unreached area of northern Ghana through “One Way Reach People” ministries, To the churches and Bible seminary in Beirut, Lebanon to distribute relief items and hope

· Network with other local churches and ministries in community-wide, gospel centered outreach, including Mahaska Connect on Oct. 24 through Love INC

· Provide small groups designed to help give us practical tools and creative ways to develop meaningful relationships with the lost, both locally and globally

· Provide hands-on training in equipping all who attend LCC in knowing how to share the simple Gospel in 15 seconds or 15 minutes

· Continue to increase our local and global missions annual budget (LCC Impact budget now 12% of total budget. Goal to increase this 2% each year, Lord willing.)

· Explore the possibility of a short-term, cross cultural mission trip

· Explore use of social media for outreach

Possible Next Steps for You

· Get involved in carrying out the plans of our local & global outreach team, using your giftedness to serve (Contact Brian Peeler)

· Take steps to build a relationship/friendship with an international who now lives here (William Penn student, neighbor, work, school, etc….)

· Build relationships online with internationals (The Crescent Project)

· Make it a regular prayer to personally ask God to grow your heart and passion for the nations and show you what your role is in the great commission both locally and globally. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to who He would want you to connect with and for boldness to do it.

· Continue to take steps to grow in your knowledge and vision for all nations (daily devotionals focused on missions, praying for unreached people groups, on-line studies, get involved in a small group focused on local and global outreach). Begin to think globally. Buy a world map and hang it. Read Operation World, Open Doors, &/or Joshua Project online. Read biographies of missionaries & books about cross-cultural ministry.

· Look for opportunities to serve and build relationships through every day encounters (clubs, school activities, neighbors, folks you see often at stores & gas stations, etc…). Regard our community as an extension of our church family. Meet people where they are at and love them as they are without judgment.

· Get involved where you see God already working in our community

· Host or lead a small group focused on outreach and missions or a group focused on prayer for the nations

· Consider inviting a neighboring family into your home for a non-threatening meal just to get to know them and listen. Consider leading a block party to build relationships with your neighbors.

· Encourage the leaders of our church to keep outreach and discipleship the main thing in each ministry of LCC (from the cradle to the grave) and ensures that the budget reflects this

· Invite someone to attend church, a Christian concert, a small group, or a service project with you

· Make sure you know how to share your story and His (Jesus’) story in 15 seconds or 15 minutes

· Get involved in one of our community’s para-church ministries that is passionate about people and the Gospel

· Consider taking a cross-cultural short-term mission trip with our church or another evangelical church

· Consider a family vacation with a missional purpose vs. just a family vacation

· Consider mobilizing others towards outreach by hosting a MomentumYes group with some from other churches

· Invite a missionary to your home when in town for the weekend and look for opportunities to serve and encourage them

· Consider giving above and beyond your normal giving to local and global outreach. Consider an extra one time gift between Aug. 23 and Sept. 6 towards two global outreach projects in the 10/40 window: For audio Bibles in an unreached area of northern Ghana through “One Way Reach People” ministries, or to the churches and Bible seminary in Beirut, Lebanon to distribute relief items and hope. Write either “Ghana boxes or Beirut help” on check’s memo line. Long term, help the church in its goal to increase our local and global budget yearly.

· Extend acts of kindness to serve those God lays on your heart (deliver a meal or sweet treats, perform a yard project, wash their car, note of encouragement, pray for them and with them, etc….)

· Include a neighbor or friend in your vacation, work project around home, exercise routine, etc… merely to build a friendship in which you can live out Christ

· Look for opportunities you can volunteer and serve in our community (civic or school groups/boards)






*Place an “X” by two areas that, with God’s help, you want to begin working on for the sake of allowing God to challenge your focus and priorities outward. Then share this with one person and ask them to hold you accountable.

God wants us to tie our lives to His mission. And, knowing must become doing at some point. The question that frequently follows learning is “Now what?”

Acts 29 Next Steps
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