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Come Back to Church: May 17

Our leaders met the same night our governor announced to open up churches.  After prayer and discussion, they decided to wait until May 17 to "Come Back to Church". We will do our best to keep the church clean and prepared for reentry.  We would encourage you to come only a few minutes before our 10:30 start time, find your seat with your family, and then leave as a family shortly after the service.  We will close off the Coffee Nook (coffee time & snacks) and do our very best to practice social distancing before, during, and after the service.  Our chairs will be scattered around the worship center.  You can grab enough for your family to sit together apart from others.  Feel free to wear your face masks if desired.  We were already planning to have our children upstairs for the summer, so that will be the case May 17 on.  We will do our best to provide a nursery if needed and parents feel comfortable dropping off your infants.  Our leaders understand that everyone has a different opinion about this crisis and yet want to be responsible and stay balanced.  If you have a health condition, are at risk, or don't feel good, we strongly encourage you to stay home until things change. It will be great to be together again to worship our Lord even under these restrictions.  We will continue the podcasts as we have the past several years for those who don't feel comfortable coming back right away and for others who don't attend our church.  Please feel free to call any of our elders with questions you may have.  We are hopeful for the future and what God has for us together!  

We love you all.  

Pastor Steve

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