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Online Service 03/22/20: "When Good People Collide"-Discussion Questions

Acts 15:-16:5

Family Discussion Questions: 

1.When you became a Christ follower, did anyone come along-side of you to follow up and help you grow?  If so, what difference did that make?  If not, how long did it take before you started growing and how did that happen? 

2. In your opinion, who was right and who was wrong regarding the conflict between Paul and Barnabas?  Why?   Which of these two sides to you lean towards? 

3.  Can you think of a personal example of a conflict over a difference of opinion or methodology?  How did you handle it?  How should you have handled it? 

4.  Can you share a personal example in which you may have to give up something (right or freedom) in order to share with an unbeliever or keep a believer from stumbling?

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