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Reentry Guidelines for May 17 Service

Our leaders have studied the guidelines for spiritual and religious gatherings reentry put out both by the CDC and our state governor, prayed about this process, and have agreed to the following guidelines beginning Sunday, May 17. Adjustments will be made when we are able. We see the value of coming back to worship publically and yet want to do so in a responsible and safe way. We realize there are many opinions about this. But let’s agree to live by faith and not operate in fear. Let’s also agree to be proactive and to act in wisdom toward our church family and guests, esp. those among us who are most susceptible to becoming infected with Covid 19. Though the government has guidelines for this process, it is ultimately our responsibility to care for and protect each other for the health of our church family and community. We understand if some choose not to return right away and continue to listen to the service online.

Our elders are encouraging the following guidelines beginning the first Sunday of our reentry, May 17.

-High risk individuals or those experiencing signs of illness are advised not to attend in-person service.

-The church facility being used will be sanitized regularly, doors & windows will be propped open during service times, and hand sanitizers will be available.

-Face masks are encouraged but not required. (Bring your own.)

-All announcements will be on our website blog or on the power point during the service (no bulletins).

-There will be no children’s church. A nursery will be offered with certain guidelines. Check with Jeanne Marshall regarding this if you have concerns.

-We strongly encourage practicing the six foot social distances guidelines at all times. The chairs will be scattered around our worship center. Grab enough for your family so that you can be six feet apart from others.

-Please enter and directly find your seat without mingling. The coffee nook will be off limits. After the service is over, we will dismiss you beginning from the back.

-You are encouraged to bring your own Bible.

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