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Pastor Adam & Mary Kyle

Pastor Adam Kyle and his wife Mary came to Oskaloosa by the hand of


Adam was raised only 30 miles from Oskaloosa in Hartford, Iowa.

Adam had a trying and difficult life as a child; a father who was an

alcoholic and could not read and write and a mother who abandoned

him. Adam entered the army in 1981 and spent 4 years in the 82nd Airborne Division as a paratrooper in the Airborne Infantry. After receiving an honorable discharge, he started college in Omaha, Nebraska and received a Bachelor’s of General Studies with and emphasis in Criminal Justice; during that time he was hired as a police officer with Omaha Police Department and spent 30 years on the force.

Adam has a drastic conversion story where God got ahold of Him in a miraculous and divine intervention and saved him at age 42. He had been in

undercover narcotics working with an ATF Agent who was called to

evangelize. The two of them spent many years together investigating

gangs and drug dealers all the while God using this ATF Agent to share

the love and Word of God with Adam. After being saved, Adam felt the

call of God and entered into Grace University, a Bible college located in

Omaha. Adam received a Master’s in Biblical Studies in 2016. After

retiring from the Police Department, Adam received a ministry license

with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in 2019 and was hired as the

Outreach Pastor at a local church in Missouri Valley Iowa. In April 2022

Adam and Mary sold their house in Missouri Valley, Iowa and moved to

Fairplay, Colorado into a log cabin at 11,000 feet… a dream that Adam

had longed for all his life. Adam was serving in two local churches there

and felt God calling him and his wife to lead a church. The two let God

decide on where they should go and sent out 168 resumes, God chose

Lifehouse Community Church in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Oh, the mysteries of

God!! Adam and his wife Mary have five boys all raised. Pastor Adam

loves preaching and evangelizing and prays that all come to know our

Savior Jesus Christ!​

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